A marketing consultant’s free guide for succeeding in LOCKDOWN

A marketing consultant’s free guide for succeeding in LOCKDOWN and beyond

Lockdown can be incredibly hard. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the positives when faced with a wall of negatives. With this in mind we’ve created our guide for succeeding in lockdown – using this time wisely to ensure your business is in excellent marketing shape as we emerge into the light.

First off, focus your mind to take stock of what you have rather than obsessing about what you don’t have. This isn’t to minimise the challenges or make a camp in the land of denial – but at this uncertain time, a ‘glass half full’ mentality can make such a difference. Getting in the right mindset is an essential starting point and can pay dividends further down the line. Now, here are the actions to boost your business:

L – Leverage


Make the best use of what you have.  Consider how you can best leverage your opportunities: great customers, loyal employees, fab products/services.

Can you write a case study with a happy customer to provide marketing content?  Are there innovative ways to promote your great products or services – have you thought of starting a podcast?  Can you enable staff members – perhaps consider updating their training or encouraging them to put forward ideas?  Can you repurpose marketing content to post on social media?

For more creative ideas take a look at this great article: https://crello.com/blog/ins-and-outs-of-repurposing-content-for-social-media-posts/


O – Open your mind

Open your mind

This is a good time to give yourself the opportunity to look wider, to read more broadly, to expand your horizons.  When you’re stuck in the day to day operations, it can be difficult to find the time to think and look at the bigger picture.

Let your brain be released … to imagine and to be inspired.  This creative element to the thinking process can re-ignite your enjoyment and even provide inspiration for your next steps in the most unlikely places.  Don’t have a plan or be prescriptive – just let your mind be free.

To get the creative juices flowing, take a look at the techniques mentioned in this great article: https://www.cleverism.com/18-best-idea-generation-techniques/


C – Communicate


Give regular updates on social media – but don’t be bound by that.  This is a good time to actually TALK to your customers – and of course listen to what they have to say.

Beware ‘no reply’ email addresses: customer feedback is like gold-dust… enable customers to respond in whichever way is best for them!  The voice of the customer can be gleaned by a variety of techniques: surveys/questionnaires, online focus groups, interviews and even good old-fashioned telephone calls.

Some people aren’t confident on the phone, but this essential skill can be developed!  There are various services and training programmes available to enhance your ability to build relationships with your network.   Now might be a good time to strengthen these skills – take a look at what is on offer at WAG Associates: https://wagassociates.com/


K – Kickstart


Try something new.

So many successes during the Covid pandemic have been due to companies having to pivot their offering and move to attract new customers or serve their current customers in a new way.  This is a good time to experiment.

Restaurants have been hard-hit by the social distancing measures but some have found innovative ways to survive and serve their customers.  Here’s a success story to take a look at …and possibly sample: https://dishpatch.co.uk/


D – Discover


Now is the time to research your industry, your competitors, other industries, interesting products.  Investigate how new developments may impact on your business – such as upcoming changes in legislation, Brexit and regulations.

This is not normally the most fun way to spend a morning, but there may be hidden rewards in getting up to speed.  Take the time to discover.

To check the rules for Brexit: https://tinyurl.com/y6zaoss6


O – Online


Life has changed dramatically.  With many of us confined to barracks, so much of what we are doing HAS to be online.

We believe the digital element is just a part of the overall marketing strategy, but especially in lockdown and in the months to come, an effective online presence is absolutely essential!

Take time to look at your online offering through the eyes of your customer.  Stand back and look objectively at your website, reviews, social media – what would a prospective customer’s journey and experience be?  This is often the first way a new contact will find you.

Rethink your web presence – could you sell more if you had an e-commerce platform or a mobile friendly site?  Could the styling and images be more appealing?  Refreshing a tired website could provide the boost you need and this could be the perfect time to do it.

If you need some website inspiration, take a look at our partner, Lightseid: https://lightseid.com/our-capabilities/website-design/


W – Work on your brand


Work on your brand

A brand isn’t just a logo.  Or a slogan.  It’s the full package of what a customer feels when they think of your company / product / service – it’s the identity and personality.

It includes the styling, the tone of voice, colour palette, fonts, online and social media presence, brochures, adverts, blog posts and yes, the logo.

Ideally, every element should add up to the brand experience whether good or bad.  Every touch point should complement the brand.

This is a good time to consider your brand and how it is perceived by your customers.  Do all the pieces fit together?  Is it still relevant if you’ve pivoted your business?  Is it time for a refresh or rethink?

For further reading, specifically on the importance of branding in B2B, take a look at this article from Marketing Week: https://www.marketingweek.com/colin-lewis-b2b-branding/


N – No waste

No waste

Waste isn’t just environmental.  It can be unnecessary costs and processes that are excess to requirements.

Now more than ever, it’s worth doing a mini-audit on spending, to check there aren’t hidden leaks in expenditure.

Are you paying for programmes or applications you don’t use anymore (Adobe or Shutterstock on auto-renew)?  Subscriptions to publications / online directories / memberships you are not taking full advantage of?  Spending time on housekeeping can deliver surprising results.

Are unwanted emails cluttering up your inbox and wasting valuable time?  Now’s your opportunity to unsubscribe or set rules to move them to relevant folders automatically.  There is so much time wasted on emails each day – effective email management can claw back valuable time to spend on other things.

Take a look at this excellent article from Harvard Business Review with clever tips to improve effectiveness: https://tinyurl.com/y6poptqy

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